On Wednesday evening 17/08/2016 a meeting of Tortington residents took place in the Community Room at Tortington Manor to further discuss what we could do to counter the arguments being put forward by those advocating a Tortington-Binsted bypass route.

The meeting was once again unanimous in supporting the inclusion of the value for money PURPLE ROUTE, a solution which includes a bypass as well as online improvements, in Highways England’s options for public consultation to be announced in November.

It was agreed that we had to raise the profile of Tortington residents in the face of continued suggestions that there was no community at Tortington, that there is no ancient woodland and that Tortington is not even worth a mention let alone a consideration by our elected representatives.

To this end, this TLC website would be used to publish latest information regarding the wider discussions taking place on the bypss options and that a campaign of writing to all interested parties should be undertaken to ‘tell them we are here’!

Further details will be emailed to residents.

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