The predominant MYTHS  that cloud the judgement of many in the debate  –  and the ABBA factor!

  • SEVERANCE – severance is NOT an issue – all banks, major supermarkets, district council offices, main transport hubs, most schools and doctors surgeries are SOUTH of the A27. Arundel is rich in pubs, restaurants and antique shops and has a small quick-stop supermarket.
  • PLANTATION or ANCIENT WOODLAND? – Tortington Common and Binsted Woods have large areas designated ANCIENT WOODLAND. The northern part of Tortington Common includes some conifers planted in the 1970s and this part is designated ‘Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site’ (PAWS). But ancient woodland is defined as that which has been in existence as woodland since 1600, long enough to develop ecosystems that are rich, complex, and irreplaceable and Tortington Common has been woodland since at least 1581. The answer really does lie in the soil!
  • OUTSIDERS – an often repeated myth is that those opposed to a major bypass are not from the Arundel area. But in fact 98% of those registering support for an online solution to traffic problems at Arundel live within 3 miles of the town. Supporters beyond this are rightly concerned at the impact that an Arundel bypass might have on other parts of the A27 notably those bottlenecks at Chichester and Lancing. ‘Outsiders’ it seems are permitted a say if they have a business interest anywhere in the South-east and support the offline bypass favoured by local authorities!
  • THERE IS NOTHING AT TORTINGTON – claimed local politicians recently. Well, apart from farmland, woodland, wildlife, a small dispersed population, a notable housing development at Tortington Manor, a 900 year-old church, the remains of a medieval priory, several local businesses, a livery stable and mile after mile of public footpath and bridleways. Nothing indeed!
  • CONGESTION and JOURNEY TIME – local authorities supporting the ‘pink/blue’ route claim that these are the major concerns for local businesses – ‘A27 Action Group’ was set up in 2014 by West Sussex County Council at a meeting of invited business leaders from across the South-east – yet Highways England’s own figures show that Option 1, the SHORT BYPASS, would be a BETTER option than the Tortington route for achieving these aims in no less than 7 out of 8 estimates for peak hour travel in 2023 and 2041.
  • BEWARE OF THE ABBA FACTOR – Clearly the alliance of West Sussex County Council, Arun District Council, Walberton Parish Council and Arundel Town Council are more committed to ABBAAnywhere But Binsted or Arundel – than to reduced congestion and journey times. But the facts speak for themselves – make them listen!


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