Important WSCC and ADC meetings

Tortington residents will be interested in the following two important meetings coming up that members of the public can attend. I’m not sure about speaking rights but the content of the meetings are on responses to the Highways England’s Arundel bypass consultation.

WSCC Environment and Community Services Select Committee
Thursday 28th September at 10.30am
The Committee will hear presentations from select community groups, including a TLC editor, affected by the bypass.The Committee will then endorse or reject the County Council officers’ recommendation that they support Option 5A.

Arun District Council Cabinet meeting
Monday 16th October at 5.00pm
ADC will be deciding on their final response to HE. The first 15 minutes are given over to Public Question Time at which you may ask a question regarding their position on the bypass. You have to book a slot to do this and its on a first come, first served basis. Check their web site for booking information – no need to book if you don’t intend to say anything!

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